Dear friends, we are now happy to announce our new offer - the possibility for you to buy products from our shop on leasing. This will undoubtedly assist anyone who wants to buy a product, but does not want to extremely burden his or her monthly budget.

Our partner in this endeavour is JetCredit, who offers flexible options for financing your purchases at our shop. By means of an appropriate individual payment scheme, discussed and adjusted with a colleague at our shop, everyone can pay a given sum of money on installment plan, according to his or her wishes and budget. In this way, you know what the exact monthly installment payment is and how many such payments are to be paid.

Of course, if one wishes to take advantage of this offer, one has to suit some important requirements. You may find a detailed description of those requirements here.

We hope that through this little, but significant convenience we will contribute even more to your comfort at our shop.