Who are we ?

We are a group of enthusiastic musicians who want to offer a different idea of a musical shop. That’s not just a shop we are offering to you, but a place where you can talk to friends and colleagues, a place where you can undisturbedly try and hear every musical instrument, a place where you can have fun! Come and hear!

Our goal

Our main goal is to be of assistance to you when you choose the musical equipment that is appropriate for you.

We aim at offering products and services of good quality and at a good price.

Our wish is that “MMG Music” corresponds to a maximum extent to your notions and expectations of a musical shop. If there are some discrepancies - just tell us. We value your opinion!

What are we different with

We mainly offer used musical instruments and equipment by proven, world famous manufacturers. Thus, you get uncompromising quality at an affordable price.

Here, you can try every instrument in a room which is specially designed for this purpose, so that you will be fully aware of what you are buying. Of course, buying from us is advisable, but not mandatory. You could just come and play with us!